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Before carrying out verruca treatment we strongly advise contacting the clinic for some free advice over the phone; many over the counter treatments are not effective and some treatments can, if not carried out properly, cause the formation of scar tissue.
If treatment for a verruca is assessed necessary we use a technique called needling. Needling has been used for over 40 years and has since been proven to be an effective method for treating stubborn and multiple verruca.
The procedure, carried out painlessly under local anaesthetic, involves disrupting each individual papillae in the verruca with a sterile needle. This encourages the body to initiate an immune response, allowing the body to deal with the verruca itself.
The advantage of this technique is only one lesion needs to be treated which may then result in the spontaneous resolution of all verrucae. Unlike treatments with chemical caustics, burning or freezing, dry needling usually only requires a single application.
Unlike other treatments, there is little risk of permanent scarring from this procedure.
Following the procedure there is usually little discomfort and, with minimal after care required, patients should be able to resume their normal daily activities the very next day


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Benefits of being treated by Westdown Podiatry:

  • Free telephone consultation to see if needling is the best option for you.
  • Needling is a proven effective treatment for verruca
  • Works very well against multiple verruca with only one verruca required to be treated.
  • Reduces the risk of scarring which can be caused by other treatments such as freezing.


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