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We offer a wide range of orthotics both off-the-shelf and casted; if a casted orthotic is required we take the cast of your foot and will then send it, with a detailed orthotic prescription, to a orthotic laboratory to be produced.
We have developed a good working relationship with the orthotic laboratory, normally we will discuss with the technicians directly what we want to achieve out of the orthotic, and this ensures the orthotic produced meets your needs and reduces the possibility of alterations having to be made.
We are well aware of the costs to patients regarding casted orthotics, therefore where possible we will ensure an off-the-shelf orthotic is used. The modern off-the-shelf orthotics offer quality and cost effectiveness for the patients. Adaption’s to such orthotics are made when the patient is present which allows us to ensure the orthotic is comfortable and achieving its aim.

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Benefits of being treated by Westdown Podiatry:

  • Ensure we chose the most cost-effective solution to your problems.
  • We use an extensive range of pre-fabricated orthotics; usually we can meet your needs without the expense of casted orthotics.
  • If casted orthotics are required we have excellent working relationships with the orthotics labatory ensuring the insoles made meet your specific needs.


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