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Having the nail surgery privately at our clinic avoids the extended waiting time that can sometimes happen when you have this procedure carried out by the NHS. Normally we can carry out the nail surgery within 7 days of assessing your suitability for the surgery to go ahead.
Nail surgery is normally carried out on a Thursday morning but we can arrange a day more convenient for you and to fit in with your work/family etc. The clinic also has free parking to make your visit to the clinic as convenient as possible.
Not all cases of ingrowing nails require surgery, during the initial assessment if we feel it can be treated without surgery we will do so there and then. If necessary, we can do this under a local anaesthetic to make the procedure as painless as possible.
If surgery is recommended we will provide you with a detailed Nail Surgery Information Pack. After the surgery we will provide you with additional dressing for the next 7 days.
We also provide very good after care package once you have had the nail surgery. If there are any concerns we can either discuss this with you over the phone or we can arrange you to come in for an emergency appointment but this is rarely required. There is no additional cost for this service, it is part of the overall cost of the nail surgery.


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Benefits of being treated by Westdown Podiatry:

  • Quick treatment
  • Treatment carried out in a proper medical facility
  • Initial cost includes all follow-up appointments.
  • Although the operation is over 90% successful, in the unlikely event a regrowth occurs within 12 months then the surgery carried out to remove that regrowth is free of charge.


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