Lower Limb Injuries at Westdown Podiatry Tavistock We treat a wide range of lower limb injuries at the clinic and ensure any treatment plan put in place is right for you and cost effective.

Treating the injury is only part of the solution; we believe it is important to identify the root cause of the injury and ensure the treatment plan also addresses this. This reduces the chances of experiencing a recurring injury.

If you have a chronic soft tissue injury which is not responding to the standard treatment we can offer you a course in Prolotherapy which is an injection treatment which has very good results. For more information see Prolotherapy.

If the cause of the discomfort is not clear, we will consult with your GP for further investigation before implementing any treatment plan. We also have a network of other medical practitioners who we will refer you to if we feel they can offer you a better treatment option.

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Benefits of being treated by Westdown Podiatry:

  • Cost effective treatment plans
  • We look to treat the root cause as well as the injury reducing the risk of re-injury.
  • Have a network of medical professionals we can refer you to if we feel they can offer better treatment.
  • One of the few practitioners in the Southwest that can offer Prolotherapy for chronic soft tissue injuries.

The clinic has free parking and good disability access ensuring all patients needs are met.

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