General foot care at Westdown Podiatry TavistockEvery client we see who has been diagnosed with diabetes receives a full diabetic assessment which includes the following:

  • Vascular assessment including Doppler
  • Neurological assessment (monofilament and vibration tests)
  • Identify risk factors which could develop into complications such as skin, high pressure points etc.

The correct assessment and management of the diabetic foot is important to ensure any risk factors for developing complications are identified and addressed.

We have carried out in-depth training regarding the treatment of the diabetic foot and continue to update this training to ensure we provide the bets possible care for our clients.

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What happens next?

After the assessment we will identify your risk status as indicated by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guidelines relating to diabetes. We will use these guidelines to create an individual treatment plan for you regarding the foot care you require.

We will carry out further regular diabetic foot assessments as directed under the NICE guidelines, this will be included in your normal foot care without additional cost.

If necessary, we may suggest specific interventions which could reduce some risk factors such as high pressure points and lower your risk of complications developing further.

The advantage of receiving regular foot care by a State Registered Podiatrist such as myself is we are trained to spot complications and ensure they are treated before developing into a more serious problem.

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